Passion Fueled Creativity

We take our love of wood, paint, and technology and combine them into projects and items worthy of owning, displaying, and gifting.

What is StrataWood?

'Strata' comes from Latin, and is the plural of Stratum. Stratum is defined as one of a number of portions or divisions likened to layers or levels.

Since our artwork is comprised of multiple layers of wood that are colored, cut, and arranged into a stack of layered pieces, we have named them StrataWood.

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Notice on Product Shipping Times

As each piece of art is hand-crafted, engraved with a unique serial number, signed, and curated from start to finish, we may not be able to ship your selected piece of art right away. All orders ship within 2 weeks. When you make a purchase, we will communicate with you quickly so you know exactly when to expect your treasure!

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  • Wood

    A crafting material customized by nature and unique in every way possible. We love the look, feel, and smell of wood! If we can incorporate wood into something we are making, we do!

  • Paint

    The ultimate medium in terms of color, texture, and vibrance. We use everything from latex house paint to pulverized mother of pearl to epoxy resin. We love to combine natural wood surfaces with paints to create something truly unique and wonderful.

  • Technology

    Our tools range from old-school hand-sharpened chisels and planes, to high-tech, computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines. Our shop has everything from laser engravers to 3D printers. If you can make something from technology, we use it!

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