Cosplay Prop - The Last Of Us Flamethrower

Cosplay Prop - The Last Of Us Flamethrower

Watching my kids play video games was an enjoyable pastime. I particularly liked watching them play The Last of Us. A great adventure game with first person shooter style game play. 

This cosplay prop is based on one of the available weapons from the game. I found a 3D model rendering of the in-game weapon, and then set out to recreate it as best I could. 

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the label and printed it on sticker stock.

The finish was all rattle can spray paints using walnut stain to create the oily, dirty look. 

Using almost all scrap junk from around my shop, I raided the following drawers in my shop for parts:

  • Lawn and Garden - For PVC and irrigation tubing
  • Airbrushing - For the upper nozzle in the Red Bull can 
  • The kitchen pantry - For the fuel canister that is actually a syrup bottle
  • Foamsmithing - For the handle parts
  • Shop Rags - For the heat resistant grips on the lower bar
  • Spray Paint - For finishing
  • Air Tools - For the lower spray nozzle and aft fuel canister shut off valve

 Here are some other pictures from this build. 

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