Installation Limitations

Customers must be onsite during the installation process.

Our installation team is not permitted to be in your residence or place of business without you or your representative present during the installation process. Representatives must be at least 18 years old.

Basic limitations

Our team is limited to installing StrataWood pieces no higher than 15 feet from the floor. Requested installations at heights above 15 feet require additional planning and costs. If you plan to request an installation above 15 feet, please contact us.

Installation areas must be on even and level ground. Our installation team may refuse an installation if the ground beneath the installation area is uneven or unstable.

Customers approve of the use of heavy-duty wall anchors to facilitate the installation of StrataWood art. This requires pre-drilling 1/2" holes into the mounting surface.

Installation mounting surfaces are limited to:

- Drywall

- Plaster

- Red Brick

- Stucco

- Concrete

- Concrete Block

- Wood


Damages and issues

Upon arrival, our team will inspect the installation area, take photographs, and discuss any existing damage or issues near the installation area with you.


Dust and clean-up

The installation of each StrataWood art piece may result in some dust and dirt. Our installation team will clean up upon completion and will ask you to inspect and approve of the cleanliness before they depart.